Remember Elephants are not easy roadkill

Did you know there are 1 million vertebrates run over each day in the United States?

At a rate of one every 11.5 seconds… that’s a lot of roadkill!


253,000 – Number of animal-vehicle accidents annually

50 – Estimated percentage of vehicle-large animal collisions that go unreported

90 – Percentage of animal-vehicle collisions that involve deer

$2,000 – Average minimum cost for repairing a vehicle after a collision with a deer

200 – Number of human deaths annually resulting from vehicle-wildlife collisions

6 – Number of bears killed last year by vehicles in Yellowstone National Park

1,559 – Number of animals killed on Yellowstone National Park roads from 1989-2003. Figure includes 556 elk, 192 bison, 135 coyotes, 112 moose, 24 antelopes and 3 bobcats

2,349 – Number of large animals killed on New Mexico roads in 2001. Figure includes 30 black bears, 160 elk and 600 deer

51,000 – Number of vertebrates killed in and around Saguaro National Park by automobiles each year. Figure includes 1,400 birds, 6,500 mammals, 26,000 reptiles and 17,000 amphibians

25,000 – Number of Roadkill Bingo games sold by the Colorado company that invented the game

93 – Percentage by which desert tortoise roadkill was reduced after fencing and culverts were installed on one 15-mile stretch of Mojave Desert highway

40 – Percentage by which deer-vehicle collisions were reduced after installation of a deer crosswalk system in northeast Utah